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Exceptionally Good Friends

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The characters in my book are two wonderful children who become friends in their inclusive early childhood classroom. The story is told through the perspective of Ruthie, a young girl who is developing typically (neurotypical) and through Clay, a boy with autism. This book was written in response to a growing need I saw in society to help someone who may know little or nothing about autism to gain understanding about autism, as well as to assist both regular and special education teachers in meeting the needs of the increasing numbers of children with autism now being placed in their classes. This book is intended to teach children and adults tolerance, empathy and understanding thus helping to reduce episodes of bullying. Bullying occurs at a higher rate in the ASD population. This book is also intended to furnish teachers (both regular and special education), therapists, parents and relatives practical, easy-to-implement ideas and resources to help children with autism spectrum disorder to experience success. The information in this book can be used with a wide range of developmental ages.
• 52 pp, soft cover, 2014 edition.